BCT understands that data security is our customer’s primary concern.

We have designed our network infrastructure to be able to meet the most stringent of security standards. Our data centre and network systems are regularly evaluated against international security standards. BCT have integrated secure networking practices into the heart of our operational practices, providing our customers with the peace of mind that their privacy is protected by dealing with a security certified network provider. All firewall, network and system components are managed via security policies as well as technical policies.


BCT is a provider of virtual private network services. We have an Australia wide network based on MPLS with dual ‘point of presence’ in each capital city. Even though these MPLS networks are ‘private’ for each customer, BCT can offer the added security of full encryption across these networks. We have chosen the encryption technology known as ‘GetVPN’ for its unrivalled security and ability to provide redundancy for the key encryption infrastructure. Encryption based on BCT’s ‘GetVPN’ over MPLS infrastructure provides industry leading security and privacy without the need for configuration at any customer configured end point device.


BCT’s MPLS based virtual private network infrastructure protects the privacy of your business with the implementation of multiple levels of firewalls. These firewalls within our internal network are based on a combination of Cisco and Microsoft equipment which between them are responsible for monitoring the traffic that is allowed onto and between networks. BCT’s investment in firewalls capability provides your business with the confidence of assured privacy.

Network Management

Management and privacy are critical component of BCT’s secure virtual private network offering. We have invested heavily in state of the art monitoring and alerting tools from IBM Tivoli and IBM Q1 Labs to bring you the most up to date secure management infrastructure. Management connection to each encrypted virtual private network is tightly policed via multiple levels of DMZ and firewalls. Management data is fully secured and is carried by a dedicated customer DMZ for each VPN.


BCT has architected its secured Virtual Private Networks based on industry standards. Our policies and procedures closely follow the practices outlined in AS/NZS ISO/IEC 27002:2006. Additionally BCT has undertaken a program of compliance standardization to allow us to conform to security standards that are considered ‘best practice’ by the financial services industry.