BCT operates a high touch Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) for customers with more expertise and who require incident, network and change management, alerting and monitoring.

This centre provides our level 2 help desk support, and works proactively with our customers to ensure that all network operations are in line with our customer’s needs. The Technical Assistance Centre offers support packages to suit your business requirements, and you get the benefit of being able to speak with the same engineer every time. All calls are answered in person by friendly staff in our Regional Australian based customer centre. For those customers who require out of hours support we offer a range of support options.

BCT backs up the Technical Assistance Centre with an additional tier of qualified and certified engineers. These engineers not only operate BCT’s core infrastructure, they also provide an additional level of support and assurance for customers. All engineers at BCT are available for customer engagement.

Technical Assistance Centre

The BCT Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) is the primary interface and main point of contact for technical support for our customers, partners and staff. We have built our customer engagement model around industry leading standards such as ITIL and IT Service Management - AS ISO IEC 20000:2007. This focus on compliance is underpinned by staff that have both deep technical understanding and an empathy for your business needs. We are committed to providing the level of technical support that comes from a real understanding of the technologies that our customers have deployed. This is reinforced by our insistence on staff having a broad range of industry certifications from vendors including Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix and Commvault.

Network Design

The initial work that goes into the network design will determine if your network will become an asset to your company rather than a cost. BCT Engineers are fully conversant with the fundamental design precepts of sound networking that will ensure that your infrastructure will perform as it was designed to. Today’s networks often combine a range of link technologies as diverse as ADSL and high-speed fibre while supporting an organisation’s entire voice, data and video requirements. Competent design is the cornerstone of creating a network architecture that will support your business-critical functions effectively and reliably.

People, Processes and Systems

Our customer engagement focus will deliver a range of benefits for your business. Your initial point of contact within our organisation is not a recorded message or a ‘call centre’, but a certified technical expert who will know about your network and your business. Our Engineers will have at their disposal your original system design and any upgrades and improvements that have been made. Our knowledge of your environment will facilitate efficient resolution of any technical support issues.

Guaranteed SLA Performance

Our customers’ ICT systems depend on uptime. BCT is committed to delivering industry leading uptime, backed up by our written "Service Level Agreements". Our capability of monitoring key performance metrics ensures that we have visibility into any potential disruption of your supported infrastructure in real time. Performance indicators such as latency, jitter and packet loss are metrics that we can use to trigger threshold alerts to our Technical Assistance Centre who will act quickly to resolve potential performance issues on behalf of the customer. Customers can be provided with a comprehensive monthly report that provides a consolidated view of a wide range of network performance indicators. This enables our customers to understand whether the capacity of their infrastructure is sufficient or if its limits are being approached.

Industry Leading Tools

BCT has invested in industry leading tools such as IBM Tivoli Netcool Omnibus that delivers event correlation across all our customers’ networks. This event correlation provides us with the ability to understand problems in customer networks and alert our customers to these problems before they impact the business. We also use IBM Network Configuration Manager that delivers compliance services to our networks. For our customers, IBM NMS ensures that networks are configured using the strictest possible security systems and that only authorised staff have the capability to make network configuration adjustments.