The BCT Desktop as a Service (DaaS) product is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution designed to meet the needs of both large and medium sized organisations.

The product is centred around industry leading infrastructure and virtualisation technology from renowned vendors including Cisco, Microsoft, Nimble, CommVault, Citrix and VMware. This infrastructure is combined with consultancy, training, project management and migration support to deliver an all-encompassing solution.

Enable BYOD

Today’s IT Managers face great challenges in an ever changing working environment. One of these challenges is meeting the demand for organisations to enable Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capability. Advances in personal computing technology, particularly in mobile and tablet computing, is driving this demand as users expect to use their own devices to access work applications. The BCT DaaS solution empowers IT managers to deliver a scalable, manageable and effective solution that provides a high performance desktop experience on devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android based systems.


Advances in mobile technologies and tablet computing have created a working environment where users demand to be able to access their applications on the move. The BCT DaaS solution takes worker mobility to the next level, allowing workers to access their desktops from other work sites, from home or while travelling. Applications become available to use whenever and where ever required, increasing the productivity and flexibility of your workforce.

Resilient, High Availability Architecture

The BCT DaaS solution has been designed with the highest possible uptime in mind. Using Cisco UCS platforms, storage from Nimble and VMware hypervisors; the system architecture is spread across two data centres connected via multiple,  'carrier diverse' high speed optical fibre links. Depending on your requirements, under normal operating conditions, workloads can be spread across both data centres. In a disaster recovery situation, workload from one data centre can automatically transfer to the other. This process is enabled seamlessly, without interruption to the user operations. Even in a disaster recovery situation, users still have access to 100% of the compute resource that has been allocated to them, eliminating the possibility of any degradation in performance.

No Capital Investment

Cash-flow is the life blood of all businesses and capital is a valuable resource that must be carefully managed. The BCT DaaS solution provides a VDI environment that is billed on a ‘per desktop per month’ basis. For your business, this means no upfront capital investment resulting in better cash flow and, leaving precious capital available for future investments. Furthermore, because the BCT DaaS solution provides desktop computing without the need for organisations to invest in expensive computing hardware, asset depreciation is no longer a concern.

Rapid Deployment

Where organisations operate in a dynamic environment, IT managers are met with the challenge of keeping up with business elasticity. IT departments are expected to be able to deliver highly scalable desktop solutions that expand and contract as users enter and exit the business. Utilising the BCT DaaS solution empowers IT departments to execute rapid desktop deployments from a single OS image allowing organisations to mobilise hundreds or even thousands of workers quickly, without having to increase internal IT resources. Desktops can just as easily be decommissioned when they are no longer required.

Greater Control & Security

Security is paramount in medium and large organisations. Important and sensitive information is vulnerable to hardware failure and theft when stored on physical desktops. Utilising our DaaS solution eliminates desktop storage by enabling all data to be stored in the cloud where it is backed up and maintained in secure data centres using industry leading equipment. Control of desktops is enhanced by securing access via the cloud. If a user account becomes compromised, access to their ‘desktop’ can quickly be terminated without fear of unauthorized personnel being able to access information left on the device. BCT has invested in the systems, people and processes to enable it to become PCI DSS compliant. This ensures that the security and integrity of our customer’s data is protected at all times.

Product Assurance

The Bendigo Technical Assistance Centre (TAC), is the primary interface and main point of contact for our customers, partners and staff. We have built our customer engagement model around industry leading standards such as ITIL and IT Service Management - AS ISO IEC 20000:2007. This focus on compliance is underpinned by staff that have both a deep technical understanding and an empathy for your business needs. We are committed to providing the level of technical support that comes from a real understanding of the technologies that our customers have deployed.

This is reinforced by our insistence on staff having a broad range of industry certifications from vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix and Commvault. BCT’s Product Assurance will deliver the highest quality support and systems to underpin our DaaS solution. Our support offerings can be provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for our DaaS platform. Customer system administrators have access to VMware’s gold class desktop management software, Horizon View, allowing them to automate desktop provisioning, manage desktop images and optimise user experience according to their specific requirements.

Desktop As A Service Brochure