Computers can be replaced, data cannot.

Customer data is essential to almost any modern business. Loss of critical customer information could result in catastrophic consequences. In the best case, this may be a degraded level of customer service, however in the worst case it could lead to the complete closure of your business or even litigation at result of failing to meet regulatory obligations.

BCT’s Backup-as-a-Service product provides business assurance that their customer data is protected. In the event of data loss, data corruption or virus attack, your data can be retrieved and restored in order for your business operations to continue with little interruption.

Multiple Copies for Superior Protection

BCT understands your customer information is a precious asset that is crucial to running your business. Our Backup-as-a-Service product takes multiple copies of your data, providing you assurance that whatever the circumstance, your business data is safe and secure, ready to be restored when required. This data is secured in Australian data centres, never leaving our shores. While BCT houses the backup data, ownership of the data is retained by the customer.

Class Leading Versatility

BCT’s Backup-as-a-Service product offers protection for:

  • Database Files
  • Email Server Configuration
  • Email Data
  • Server Configuration
  • Files and Folders

Our product is based upon Commvault’s Simpana™ software. Renowned for enterprise backup and recovery, Commvault has been named an industry leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances for five years in a row.

Choice of Backup Routine

BCT’s Backup-as-a-Service offers two backup routines designed to fit the needs of your business.

Pay as you go

BCT’s highly scalable platform allows you to protect as much or as little data as you need, while only paying for what you protect. This cloud based approach to backup provides your business a premium solution while reducing or even eliminating many of the costs and risks involved with running your own internal backups. Costs such as licensing and hardware are all included as part of BCT’s Backup-as-a-Service product.

Backup-as-a-Service Brochure