IT Integrator Referral Program

In medium and large organisations, information technology forms a critical part of business operation and IT integrators are relied upon to deliver robust IT solutions. When things go wrong, it can result in thousands of dollars in lost productivity for your customers and can be potentially damaging for your reputation. Delivering cost effective and scalable solutions across multiple sites is often a key performance indicator by which you are measured. Having a trusted partner assist you to deliver on your customers’ expectations is critical to the success of your business.

BCT prides itself on working cooperatively with IT integrators to enhance their customers experience by delivering reliable wide area networking and cloud based solutions. If you think your customers could benefit from BCT's advanced capabilities while also bringing new income streams into your business, please fill in the below form and one of our senior business development staff will be in contact with you to discuss further.  Or, call us directly on 1300 876 675 to experience our exceptional customer service for yourself.